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Welcome to MAMMOTH books on the web. We are proud to bring you our books written by many very talented and award-winning authors. Browse our pages and find some good reading!

MAMMOTH press inc./MAMMOTH books hopes youíll enjoy our books long after Iím discovered frozen and perfectly preserved in the ice.  You can order them via email:, from Small Press Distribution, from, or from a bookstore on your own stretch of tundra.

Our latest publication:
Double Kiss

The Best Way to Get Even
Author: Michael W. Cox
Pub Date: 2017; 188 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59539-045-5
Price: $14.95

Description: Novel. In The Best Way to Get Even, Michael W. Cox gives us a glimpse at how readily a life can go awry as well as at the cruel ironies of redemption. Heartbreaking and hopeful simultaneously, this novel, in the character of Professor Callahan, presents us insights into how we cope with middle age, the changing world, the failures of our relationships, and the heartaches of our own making.


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